Our Products

UniPron was formulated, developed and tested in partnership with UNIVERSAL CORPORATION LTD (a leading local WHO certified manufacturing pharmaceutical company). We are developing UniPron as a Microbicidal contraceptive to prevent HIV/AIDS transmission and pregnancy. The mechanism of action for UniPron is lowering the vaginal pH. UniPron is still under experimentation and we hope to carry out human CLINICAL trials in due course.
SMUGEL (50g)
SMUGEL is a water-based and water soluble lubricant which was introduced into the market in 2010 for a variety of usage after approval from the relevant regulatory authorities. It has been introduced for personal use for moisturing and lubrication & for hospital purposes such as surgical instrumentation, lubrication during various procedures in family planning clinics, during deliveries and other medical procedures.
It does not react with latex condoms or silicon rubber-based sex toys and therefore it can be used with condoms. It is colorless, odorless, does not stain and is biologically inert in contrast with the petroleum-based lubricants. The gel is available in all leading chemists and drug facilities in Kenya and will be available in a number of countries within other African countries soon.
SMUSCAN (250g)
SMUSCAN is a gel that was formulated and developed for Scanning during Ultrasound services in hospitals, clinics and health institutions. It is in use in hospitals and health institutions..
Significance of SMUGEL and SMUSCAN to the Kenyan people
The above products are locally available, cheap and conferring great health benefits for this nation with the end result of improving sexual/reproductive health, maternal and child health and reducing the cost of medical/health care.